These bolsters are made with foam rollers and covered with cotton material.


They can be used to help children support themselves while sitting and lying

down. They help to achieve optimal positioning and can be used:

 - under neck, behind knees and ankles, under ankle when lying on tummy to

release preasure from lower back.

- under arms/chest in a prone position.

- on all fours, with roller between legs and arms, to shift weight from one side

to the other


Sizes (diameter):                                                             Cost     

X-small Short: 7.5cm Diameter (0.5 m Length)             R200

X-small Long: 7.5cm Diameter (1 m Length)                R300

Small Short: 12.5cm Diameter (0.5 m Length)              R300

Small Long: 12.5cm Diameter (1 m Length)                 R400

Medium Short: 15cm Diameter (0.5 m Length)            R350

Medium Long: 15cm Diameter (1 m Length)                R450

Large Short: 20cm Diameter (0.5 m Length)                 R490

Large Short: 20cm Diameter (1 m Length)                    R590

Bolster Set:

Small for R650

7.5cm & 15cm Roller, 0.5m length. Pillow & two support blocks

Medium for R890

12.5cm & 20cm Roller, 0.5m length. Pillow & two support blocks

Large R1050

12.5cm  & 20cm Roller, 1 m length. Pillow & two support blocks


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