Children can recognize numbers and understand the relationship between number and quantity with this set. A great learning tool and a wonderful way to introduce numbers and math.


This set makes learning fun, stimulates children's logical thinking, enriches the child's imagination, improves learning ability and hand eye coordination.


This amazing education set includes:

  • Number cards with animals (can easily be adapted for Cortical visual impairment, by painting cards black and replacing animals with matching amount of dots)
  • Subtraction and Addition Cards, with white board marker and eraser cloth.
  • Wooden Numbers 1 - 10
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Storage bag

Numbers & Math Set

SKU: Number&Math01
  • If your child has Cortical Visual Impairment and you are unsure how or whether you will be able to use this set with your child, you can contact Antoinette Harvie on or 0832122216 for assistance.