Wheelchair blanket. Double layer for extra warmth. Perfect for chilly days and makes car seats, strollers and wheelchair straps a breeze, as it can be on your Special One and not interfere with transfers. 


Features that make this ideal for wheelchair users:

  • Blanket length is all the way to the feet
  • Option to order with or without a foot pocket.
  • Neck closes with a button and loop for perfect fit.
  • Designed with a short back (20cm) which eliminates sitting on excess fabric. (Please advise in the custom field if the length needs to be longer for Standard wheelchair users)


Size              Length       Width      Foot Pocket     Foot Pocket

                                                       Width                 Length

Small             110 cm      75 cm         30 cm                 25 cm

Medium           125 cm      80 cm        35 cm                 30 cm

Large             150 cm      85 cm        45 cm                 40 cm

X-Large           175 cm      95 cm        50 cm                 45 cm


*Any material that you see on the Wheelchair Poncho's can also be ordered, please email info@urspecial.co.za for a quote.

Wheelchair Blanket

  • * All prints subject to availability.

    **Colour may vary slightly due to different screen displays.

  • Always fasten wheelchair and car seat straps underneath the Poncho to ensure a secure fit.